”Kuprsintez” LLC was founded in 2005. The company imports and sells various types of lubricants and auto oils. The company offers exclusively high-quality and affordable products: a wide range of industrial lubricants-oils, lubricants, auto oils, special-purpose fluids, antifreeze and cooling lubricants for all types of equipment, flow lines, machine tools and cars.

For more than 18 years in Armenia, we have been representing well-known brands such as “SPECTROL”,OILRIGHT”, “DELFIN INDUSTRY”,  “UTEKS”, “UNIQOIL” , “YARNEFT”, “3ton”, “RICOS” ,  “C.N.R.G.”, “KANSLER”, “STANDARD”,  “SPECAVTOMAT” which are companies that organize the entire production process of lubricants and auto oils and are engaged in the entire production process of base and synthetic oils. In the high-tech laboratories of all these companies, a number of sample studies are conducted at different stages of product production, which controls the entire production process from oil to finished products and high product quality.

The main principles of the company ”Kuprsintez” are:

    • Professional approach to our business
    • Delivery of high-quality products to the consumer
    • High responsibility for the client’s property
    • Maintaining long-term relationships with partners

”Kuprsintez” LLC is a dynamically developing company that is always open to suggestions and mutually beneficial cooperation.