FILTRON Cabin filters

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The cabin filter purifies the air which passengers and the driver breathe in the cabin of the car. This filter is extremely important, because polluted air significantly affects our health and our concentration while driving. Polluted air is a very serious threat. According to official data from the European Environment Agency:

  • Due to polluted air, over 460,000 people die prematurely in Europe alone.
  • The problem of over-polluted air concerns 80% of the residents of all urban areas in Europe.


Effective filter media

In FILTRON cabin air filters, we use high-quality filtration media which have electrostatic properties, and thus are able to stop even microscopic particles of harmful pollutants (several dozen times smaller than the diameter of a human hair).

Additional protection with PROTECT+ technology

PROTECT+ technology reduces the risk of allergic reactions, and protects passengers from the development of allergens, bacteria, and moulds on the filter. PROTECT+ is based on a special microparticle coating visible under a microscope. The technology is used as standard in every FILTRON cabin filter.

Installation instructions in a paper version and in VIDEO form

Filters involving complex installation are provided with printed manuals. VIDEO instructions are available on YouTube and our website, accessible through the Instructions tab, and on the pages of specific filters.

Appropriately selected amount of activated carbon

Cabin filters with active carbon not only stop particulate matter, but also harmful gases and odours. The amount of carbon used in a given filter is selected so that the filter can effectively purify the air from harmful volatile organic compounds for a long period of time.

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