Terms of sale and delivery


When requesting any product on the website of “Kuprsintez” LLC, you must provide telephone number, delivery address, which the Company will keep exclusively confidential and will not provide to third parties without your knowledge and permission.

How to use the website- fill in your address, contact information. You can order products by calling the Company’s phone numbers.


«Կուպրսինթեզ» ՍՊ Ընկերությունը վերադարձվող կամ փոխարինվող ապրանքն ընդունում է իր գտնվելու վայրում, իսկ վերադարձի դեպքում Ընկերությունը ապրանքի փոխադրման պարտավորություն չունի:

“Kuprsintez” LLC accepts the returned or replaced products at its location, and in case of return the Company has no obligation to transport the products. Depending on the type of product, the quantity of the order or other factors, it will be possible to return the product with the purpose to exchange the product from the website of “Kuprsintez” LLC, within fourteen days, not counting the day of purchase, if:

    •  the product is received and/or replaced if the original factory appearance of the product is preserved, the product is not used, there are seals, product labels, its consumer properties are preserved, so that it can be displayed again or sold;
    •  depending on the type of product, the product has not undergone any qualitative changes (for example, in cases where the product has been opened, used, product significance has changed, it has expired, or other conditions due to deteriorating condition of the product purchased),

The product cannot be returned if its preparation, import, delivery was carried out by individual order in accordance with the special requirements of the buyer.

The buyer has the right to refund the amount paid after the expiration of the delivery deadline, in case of non-receipt of the products.

    • When the Buyer applies for replacement or return of the products within 14 days, the Company must respond within 3 (three) business days to the reasons for the satisfaction or rejection of the Buyer’s application.
    • From the moment of receiving the notification of the positive decision to accept the replacement or return to the e-mail address, by telephone call or other notification, the Buyer is obliged to transport the replaced or returned products within 5 (five) working days Delivery to the Company, except in case of return of defective products.
    • In case of non-submission of the products to the Company for replacement or return within 5 (five) working days, the Buyer shall be deemed to have refused such a request and the application shall be deemed to have been duly executed by the Company.
    • In the event of a refund or replacement, a refund (difference in amount) may be made only if the product has been returned to the Company’s storage in a condition acceptable to the Company.
    • In case of return of the product, the Company is obliged to return the amount within 10 (ten) working days to the Account of the Buyer (User) from which the payment was made or to another account submitted in writing by the Buyer.

In case of return of the products, the amount is subject to return if:

    • 1. After the expiration of the stipulated period, the Buyer has not received the ordered products.
    • The delivered product does not meet the description of the given product technical standards on the Website.
    • 3. Damaged or defective products were delivered.
    • 4. The product was returned within 14 days in the condition in which it was delivered without damaging both the product and its packaging.

Products and money are not refundable if:

    • The buyer regularly places orders, but returns the product for various unreasonable reasons.
    • The product is returned by the Buyer in damaged condition or in the absence of complete product parts.
    • The product is damaged after delivery to the Buyer or after the Buyer buys it from the Company’s storage, when the transportation is organized, carried out by the Buyer at his own expense, at risk.
    • Upon request for return or replacement of the product by the Buyer Within 5 (five) working days after receiving the consent of the Company, the product is not submitted to the Company.
    • The product refund request is submitted by the Buyer 14 (fourteen) days after the receipt of the product by the Buyer.

In case the company declares the product not to be returned, the Buyer will be notified about the refusal of return. In which case no compensation is provided. In the event that the Company has reasonable suspicions that the User has abused the return arrangement (for example, frequent return of products without good reason), the Company reserves the right to refuse to accept the product as an unreasonable abuse of online purchasing regulation and to block the User.